Accessing the Akashic Records for Personal Elevation

Soul Wisdom 101 -
An Online Beginners Course To Study The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are a storehouse of all past, present, and future information. Accessing your records can teach you about your Soul’s journey, help you understand how your past-lives are impacting you now, and give you guidance on your current gifts, traits, and mission.

By accessing the Akashic Records you are able to understand yourself at Soul level and receive information without judgement. This gives you the opportunity to really dig deep and understand why you keep making the same choices, why someone feels like you’ve known them forever, and how you can use a particular gift or talent that keeps calling out to be used.

Heighten your intuition, awaken your other senses and take your healing and elevation process to the next level by spending time in your personal Akashic Records.

In this self-paced course, you are able to go as fast or as slow as you desire on your personal journey to tap into the Divine within and align with your Soul’s mission.

Become Your Own Akashic Records Reader

Learn to access the Akashic Records and tap into the wisdom of the Universe to create a Soul led life full of abundance, joy, and ease.

Tap into the wisdom of the Akashic Records and become empowered to understand your Soul’s Wisdom. I’ll show you exactly how to access the Records to bring about transformation and learn to walk fully in response to your Soul’s desire.

You keep getting divinations or going to other people to help you understand what it is that you are missing. You follow the advice, but you still feel like there is something you are missing. You know there is a bigger piece to help you solve the puzzle. You feel progress and are stuck at the same time. You are excited about the day when you are not making the same mistakes. You know there is a relationship waiting for you that is full of love. You have the career/job/business of your dreams and are fully supporting yourself doing something that you love.

Become Your Own Akashic Records Reader

Understand the Akashic Records and Learn to Read Your Personal Records

You Can Get Divine Guidance and Tap Into Your Soul's Wisdom on Your Own Terms 24 Hours A Day...

No more waiting to get on someone else’s schedule to receive divine guidance.

Become Your Own Akashic Records Reader

Understand the Akashic Records and Learn to Read Your Personal Records

Your Soul Led You Here For A Reason!

There is a belief amongst Akashic Record teachers that the Records call the students and send them to the appropriate teacher. Each teacher will have their own style or resonance. 

I believe your Soul has led you to me because of alignment. You have probably been searching or thinking about wanting to understand the Akashic Records, dive deeper into the Records, or learn to read them for yourself. 

I completely operate from the space that “my tribe” will know they are meant to learn from me. That’s the beauty of the Akashic Records. It provides a Soul aligned truth that you don’t have to fight or force.

If you feel you were led here, enroll in Soul Wisdom 101 today.


Let’s Take The Guesswork Out Of Living An Aligned Life Of Purpose. All That You Need Already Exists.

Tap Into the Wisdom Of The Akashic Records And Become Empowered to Understand Your Soul’s Wisdom.

I’ll Show You Exactly How To Access Your Personal Records So That You Can Explore And Start Your Journey Of Transformation.

Soul Wisdom 101: Accessing Your Personal Akashic Records

A Self-paced E-course And Attunement To Unlock Your Personal Akashic Records.

Become Your Own Akashic Records Reader

Understand the Akashic Records and Learn to Read Your Personal Records

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome for Soul Wisdom 101

  • Understanding the Soul
  • The Akash
  • Understanding the Akashic Records
  • Ways to Use the Akashic Records
  • Instructions for Attunement
  • Who We Meet in the Records
  • Attunement #1
  • Welcome to Module 2
  • Key Concepts for Success (1)
  • Ways to Receive Information
  • Considerations About Receiving Information
  • Additional Considerations
  • Grounded Mediation
  • Akashic Key Process – Opening Prayer
  • Akashic Key Process Closing Prayer
  • Assignment and Final Considerations
  • Soul Wisdom Module 2 Handouts
  • Welcome to Module 3
  • Phrasing Questions
  • Asking Questions is Like a Conversation
  • Assignment and Final Considerations
  • Resource: Questions to Ask in the Records
  • Soul 101 Congratulations

In this Course,





3 Recorded Modules You will have instant access to each of the lessons in the program. You are free to work at your own pace.

DOWNLOADABLE PDF Additional Resources and Course Notes in PDF format found in your member portal.

ATTUNEMENT ($250 Value) recorded attunement that you can listen to and use as many times as you want! This attunement aligns you to the energy of the Akashic Records.

After this Course,

You will be comfortable accessing and closing your personal records, retrieving information while in the Records, and beginning to work through patterns that are holding you back in life. This course is also the perfect primer if you decide you absolutely the love working in the Records and want to become Certified and read the Records of others.


You receive immediate access to all course modules.

The Akashic Records meet each person where they are at and are accessible to everyone. You do not need to have prior experience. Accessing the records increases your intuition and the more you practice, the better you will become at retrieving information.

This course only focuses on learning to read for yourself. If you are interested in learning to read for others and have practice sessions, please enroll in the full course.

Accessing the Akashic Records are a non-denominational approach to receiving divine guidance.

Sometimes it is difficult for someone to access their records due to past vows, oaths, or experiences. Sometimes there are mindset issues that are preventing someone from accessing their Records. Keep trying and release your expectations. Remember, everyone has access to the Records.

This is a mini-course. In the course you learn to access your records but you do not go through the full training to become certified. If you are interested in certification, enroll in the full Soul Wisdom Akashic Training Program.

Soul Wisdom 101: A Self-paced ECourse for your personal development and evolution.

Gain access to Divine Guidance 24/7 and start your journey of understanding your Soul’s mission.

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