Energetic Archetypes

“The living soul of man, once conscious of its power, cannot be quelled.”

-Horace Mann

“Knowledge is power, but knowledge about yourself is self-empowerment.”

-Dr. Joe Dispenza

It is no wonder that this time of year is full of stories of legends who went on long journeys, met incredible odds then emerged transformed and victorious. With the shorter days and the longer nights, nature supports us to slow down and turn within. We have more time to contemplate what stories hold significance for us, and what parts of those stories resonate for us.

As part of my Akashic Records training and Divine Gifts sessions, I talk about the Energetic Archetypes that every Soul operates in, and how they show up in the current incarnation of a person. Energetic Archetypes indicate how the Soul wants to experience itself in this lifetime. These energies create an overarching impression on the Soul, and reveal the natural gifts and inclinations that a Soul has. As with all things, there are positive and negative aspects to each of the archetypes. With knowledge of the primary and secondary energies that form the energetic makeup of the Soul, a person can fully begin to appreciate who they are and grow in power to create a life that will allow them to thrive.

Here is a quick reference for the 8 Energetic Archetypes:

  1. Compassion – This Soul is passionate about community, social issues and acts of service.
  2. Manifestation – This is a Soul who has come to experience tangible things and enjoys building legacy.
  3. Order – This person excels at thoughtful preparation, harmony and balance.
  4. Love – This is a natural healer who is excellent at creating space and offering their energetic field of love to others.
  5. Communication – This Soul has a natural ability to shift reality and help people to make lasting change simply by using their vocal or written words.
  6. Truth – This is a highly intuitive and clairvoyant Soul who is able to see things that are not apparent to others.
  7. Power – This is a Soul who wants to experience life on their own terms and is willing to step outside of barriers to live a life of freedom.
  8. Wisdom – This is a Soul who has a strong drive to know Universal Truth.

Are you starting to make guesses about what your Energetic Archetype is? I would caution you from jumping to conclusions because sometimes the way we are currently showing up in life is not the way that our Soul was designed to show up. If you want to get direct guidance to know your Energetic Archetype, the best thing to do is to check in your Akashic Records. Use your favorite method of divination (pendulum, muscle testing, etc) to get answers in Truth about the nature of your Soul. You can also book a consultation with me. Be on the lookout for my Understanding the Person: Exploring Soul Groups and Energetic Archetypes in the Akashic Records Virtual class coming in January.

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