My Ancestors Keeper: Ancestral Healing Program

With Dr. La Toya Davis

You have the power to Connect, Elevate and Heal your entire lineage.

Learn to:

Create A Better Future

Healing intergenerational trauma can help you usher in a new reality for yourself and your lineage.

Everyone can benefit from ancestral healing but not everyone is called to do the work. And that is ok.


If you have been feeling that your ancestors want you to work on unraveling some patterns you have noticed over generations,

If you are actively doing ancestral veneration but feel there is more you can be doing,

If you have been working to break cycles within your own life but notice you can only make so much progress before the patterns return,

If you are committed to leaving a better situation for your children and your children’s children,

This Program Is For You

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By the end of the program you will:

Course Curriculum:

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Course Includes

  • 7 Lessons

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Have Questions? I Have Answers

Anyone wanting to take their ancestral work to a deeper level or start a process of working with the ancestors in a meaningful way.

Group time is 60 minutes bi-weekly. You will get from this process as much as you put into the process. Weekly assignments are for your growth and development. My goal is to coach you into a lifestyle shift. That means you will be best served to show up for yourself everyday.

All sessions are recorded and you will have access to them while you are in the program. You can submit questions ahead of time and receive feedback in during the call. We can also discuss any questions or challenges that you are encountering via Office Hours or by posting questions in the private group.

YES! I offer VIP personalized 1:1 Coaching. An individualized personal plan is created in collaboration with you and to help you help you achieve your own unique goals. 1:1 Coaching combines Intuitive and Akashic Record guidance to assist with ensuring alignment of goals. Areas of focus include Mindset Shifting, Manifestation, Spiritual Attunement, and Emotional/Karmic/Energetic Healing.

Start a New Cycle!

Shift Intergenerational Trauma and Usher in Abundance, Joy, and Ease.

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