Sound as a Healer

” The universe is made of sound. Everything vibrates. When you change the vibration, you change the reality.”Dr. David Hawkins

Sound is all around us. It can be heard, felt, and even seen. But did you know that sound can also be used for healing?

Sound healing is an ancient practice that uses sound waves to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It is based on the belief that everything in the universe is made up of energy, and that sound can be used to balance and harmonize the body’s energy field.

There are many different ways to use sound for healing. Some people use singing bowls, gongs, or other instruments to create specific sound frequencies. Others use their voice to chant or sing. And still others simply listen to recordings of specific sound frequencies.

Explore! There are many different types of sound healing, and not all of them are created equal. What works for you body and goal may require a few rounds of trial and working with someone who is experienced in sound healing modalities is a major plus.

Be patient. Sound healing is not a quick fix. It takes time and commitment to see results. But if you’re willing to put in the work, sound healing can be a powerful tool for transforming your life.

Have fun! Sound healing is a beautiful and transformative experience. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy the process. No matter how you choose to use it, sound healing can be a powerful tool for self-care and healing. If you’ve worked with me in a group or 1-on-1 capacity it’s pretty safe to assume that I incorporated the use of frequencies at some point during our time together. I absolutely LOVE the use of sound to shift the “feel” in a room, create deeper connection to spirit, and disperse stuck or trapped energies within a body during clearing work. There are an abundance of sound tracks available on YouTube if this is something that feels aligned to you. Set the intention that you find a track that resonates with your best and highest good, type in a search term, and select a track that best suits your needs. Try a frequency for 7 days and let me know if you notice anything.

Here are a few basic frequencies and what they are good for.

  • 432 Hz: This is the frequency of nature and is said to promote relaxation and well-being.
  • 528 Hz: This is the frequency of love and is said to promote healing and transformation.
  • 741 Hz: This is the frequency of communication and is said to promote clarity and understanding.
  • 852 Hz: This is the frequency of self-actualization and is said to promote personal growth and development.
  • 963 Hz: This is the frequency of unity and is said to promote connection with the divine.

For a fully immersive sound healing experience, join me in Costa Rica July 28th – August 3rd, 2023. In the next newsletter, I will talk about Sound Baths. There are four full sound bath sessions during the Soul Wellness Retreat and some additional fun ways we bring in sound.


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