I’m Dr. La Toya and I specialize in Energy Healing, Spiritual Evolution, and Karmic Resolution through the use of the Akashic Records and Ancestral connection. I teach spiritual women like you to release fear, guilt, and self-doubt, so you can trust your intuition and connect with your personal power to create a self-empowered life full of abundance, joy, and ease!

There are many things that I could share right now, but probably the most important is my desire to help women stand fully in their power and show up as their authentic self in all areas of their life.

I’m a Teacher/Mentor, Energy Healer, Intuitive, and Self-Empowerment Coach. I use the Akashic Records and guidance from the Ancestors and my Spirit team to help women trust their intuition, dismantle childhood and societal conditioning, and unravel past-life and karmic patterns.